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Root Social is more than developing a social media presence. Make your brand part of your community through strategic social media campaigns and online marketing.

It’s about creating a strong network of business and social entrepreneurs supporting each other through strategically coordinated social media campaigns benefiting their enterprise and the community. It’s about establishing the strong root system necessary to nurture and sustain a flourishing, vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurism in our community.

Rooted in Merced County, our social media strategists are committed to ensuring our small businesses and community organizations succeed. They get the word out, generate real leads, and make your brand a part of our community.

Our top-flight strategists meet with you one-on-one to discuss your business and analyze your current marketing efforts in an effort to create a strategy that not only meets, but exceeds your business’s goals. They are available not only to develop your strategy, but also execute and manage your plan, ensuring you’re reaching the right audience with the right message at the right frequency.

Social media is a full-time effort. But the return on investment is worth it. If you recognize the need to incorporate a social media strategy to your current marketing plan, but you don’t have the skills and staff to ramp up a daily social media blitz, don’t worry – we do.

It’s time to put our strategists to work for you and for you to join us in helping our community thrive!

Our Partners

Our Team

Root Social is comprised of a dynamic, committed team of social media strategists fully immersed in our community, living and working right here in Merced County. Our strategists know how to use the digital world to help you grow. They have extensive training and experience in social media platform and community management, and monitoring, evaluation and reporting systems. Moreover, as SBDC-affiliated consultants, our strategists are able to refer you to extensive business planning resources and support in the community. See below to learn a little bit more about our team and connect with them.

Lori, Client & Community Liaison

Lori, Client & Community Liaison

Our East Coast girl with the West Coast flare.  With an extensive business background – from commission to guerrilla marketing and management – Lori is like HootSuite, understanding the necessity of networking with her eyes and ears on all things business in Merced.

Ricardo, Campaign & Internship Coordinator

Ricardo, Campaign & Internship Coordinator

Ricardo, our social media ninja may be quiet, but he is deliberate and effective with each post and share to ensure his clients increase their reach and visibility throughout the community.  Think of Ricardo as a WordPress platform – setting the foundation to develop strategic connections.

To apply to become a Root Social strategist clickhere

For more information email our Campaign & Internship Coordinator, Ricardo Eugenio at


Root Social is all about supporting Merced businesses, community organizations and the events that make it great. Take a look at upcoming events happening in our area!



There’s always fun and exciting events happening in Merced.  For a list of events click here.


You already know our clients. They’re successful businesses and community-benefit organizations right here in Merced County who understand the importance of integrating a strategic social media plan into their current marketing efforts.

Client of the Month


United Way of Merced County (UWMC) is adopting a new way of doing business. In order to better serve their community they are expanding their traditional role as fundraiser to include Community Solutions Provider. UWMC is proactive in assessing the community’s needs and form new partnerships to address problems and issues. Their measure of success is the degree to which we impact community conditions and serve to improve people’s lives.

Some of our Clients

If you’d like to learn more about how Root Social can help your business or to schedule a time for a business assessment to see if Root Social is right for you, please contact Lori Schiffbauer, our Client & Community Liaison at:

For an online application click here.